The dream job

Claes Jonasson
8 min readOct 17, 2020

My new office was in a real medieval castle. With a moat. That you crossed on a bridge to walk under ancient arches into a small courtyard.

It was the kind of location you only dream of and this seemed like the perfect job. I was joining an aspiring production company to create programming for national and international television. Plus plenty of corporate videos.

So how come I walked out across that idyllic moat for the last time just a few months later? Leaving it all behind.

2 words: The Boss.

The guy who owned the company. And considered himself a Divine Gift to humanity.

But it didn’t start badly.

The Company was a small production company with BIG plans. Which is why The Boss not only hired me, but also a full-time marketing person at the same time. Because The Company was going places.

Up to this point, The Boss had been video and film producer, as well as chief marketer, all in one. But now things were going to change.

So here I was. Ready to take on the world.

Getting started in the new job

For my first few client meetings, The Boss came along. Which I appreciated. I was after all a new video and film producer and he had decades of experience.

I did wonder though when one day, as we were already late to a client’s office, he insisted I drive around the block a couple extra times, just so he could properly curl his mustache.

Clearly I had something to learn about the importance of keeping up appearances!

Soon I was deep into production, working hard to get everything right. But often with a feeling like someone was looking over my shoulder, just waiting to catch a mistake.

There was The Big Car Company Commercial Shoot. The Boss had negotiated that. His script called for a location shoot in North Africa. Because the light and color was better there than at home.

A week before the shoot, he casually told me that he really had intended for me to go on that shoot. What? That was the first I heard of it!

But he didn’t feel I was ready. So he went instead.

Claes Jonasson

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